Bree Orlock Designs from Bree Orlock, Stardust Publications.

Copyright 2011, Stardust Publications. All rights reserved.


Stardust Publications grants the purchaser of this art product the non-exclusive right to use the art contained herein in any personal or commercial product that they choose under the following conditions:

1. In all commercial uses of this art, the artists "Bree Orlock" and Stardust Publications must be credited, at least as art contributors.

2. These publishing right can not be transferred to third parties. A single purchase of this art product allows the purchaser to use this art product under the purchaser's name or the name of the purchaser's publishing company. A single purchaser is only allowed to use these graphics in the products of a single publishing group. In order to purchase use this art product under two different publishing groups, the purchaser needs the art product for each publishing group.

3. This art product may not be resold as art. In order for it to be used within personal projects or commercial products wherein artwork (or any kind) is no more than 25% of the total product content.

4. This art product may not be shared or redistributed to peoples other than the purchaser, for any reason; both commercial or private.

5. This art product may be modified in any way the purchaser see fit, so long as the above mentioned points are not violated.

For the purchaser to use this art product outside of this license agreement constitutes a break of the contract.


The use of this art product for commercial purposes means that the purchaser agrees to be bound by the License found in part 2 of this License Agreement (which is listed above).

By using this art product for personal purposes, the purchaser understands that they are prohibited from sharing this art product or transferring its useage rights to anyone other than those listed in Part 2 of this contract (listed above).

Should the purchaser not agree to the terms of this agreenebt, or the License in part 2, the purchaser's rights to the art product are limited to only viewing the art product contained therein.