Beadwork Jewelry Designs


Vampire's Star
$15.00 USD + Shipping 
Dragon in Jade and Black








Pink Cameo in GunMetal, Pink, and Pearl




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Theater Masks in Black, Red, & Blue
$16.00 USD + Shipping 


Theater Masks in Black, Purple, & Pink
$16.00 USD + Shipping 


German Gothic Cross in Red, Black, & Hematite
$20.00 USD + Shipping 


Spider in Spider Web in Black, Red, Pink, & Pearl
$20.00 USD + Shipping 


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Beaded Star Necklace
$12.00 USD + Shipping 


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Jewelry Order/ Print Order Payments


All Jewelry Order payments can be sent to PayPal account:

Please remember to include your correct shipping address in the message box of Paypal so that I can ship your order as quickly as possible. The easiest way to insure that the correct piece of JEWELRY or PRINT gets shipped out is to place the URL of the Jewelry/Print that you wish to purchase in the Paypal message to me when you send the payment.

All Shipments are sent through the USPS using flatrate boxes of various types. The smaller boxes are (8.00 USD) to ship, the larger boxes are (13.00 USD) to ship.

Overseas Shipments

All Overseas Orders require that the customer emails me at: so that I can get the correct shipping costs to you before you place your order.


Payment Options

Okay, I'll make this clear to everyone that wants me to do custom jewelry for them. My prices for custom jewelry start at 35 dollars and then proceed up from there. Mixed Steampunk and Beadwork starts at 40 dollars USD (unless otherwise agreed upon).

I want to make this clear, Payments can be made out to my Paypal account at: or I can process Credit/Credit-Debt Card orders through Square or GoPayment (Square and GoPayment require that I get the information from your card so that I can process your order through my Android Reader.)

I DO NOT accept checks or money orders because both are too easy to counterfeit these days.